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Welcome to our brand-new website! When we started our company just under three years ago, we had very high hopes for what we could achieve, but we could have never expected this level of unprecedented growth! Since our inception, we have produced award-winning flavours for some of the biggest companies and provided them with high-quality chemical analysis and emissions testing. On top of our achievements, we have moved into our brand new 10,000 square foot facility, so it only felt right to upgrade our website, too!

So, what’s new with our brand-new website? Firstly – we have deeply expanded upon all of the categories featured on our old site, such as our flavours and analytical services. You can now click on each breakdown of every step of our flavour creation process and all our analytical services, learning exactly what we can offer you! On top of these expanded features, you can also download our latest flavour catalogue, which features our top 100 best-selling flavours over the last year, along with comprehensive breakdowns of all our services.

We have added the ‘meet the team’ section so you can put names to faces and learn what some of our key staff members do here and what they can offer our customers. Head over to meet the team to learn more about what the Love Flavours team do for us and our clients!

As you’re already here, check out our brand-new blog feature regularly to find out the latest from the Love Flavours team, all the things that are currently going on industry-wide in the flavour world, as well as plenty of just-for-fun content from our team that will be definitely worth checking out!

Performance-wise, our brand-new site is faster than ever and optimised with customer accessibility in mind. You can now easily navigate through our site at improved speeds to find the information you need and contact our team more efficiently than ever! It’s time to find your perfect flavour. Happy browsing!

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