Flavour Creation

Developing unique and captivating flavours that leave a lasting impression

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Emissions Testing

Committed to providing our customers with accurate and reliable results.

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Flavour Matching

We can match any desired flavour, from a simple fruit to complex blends of ingredients

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Nicotine Testing

Our rigorous testing ensures the quality and safety that you, and your customers, deserve

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What we do

We create flavours

At Love Flavours, we create all of our flavours from the highest quality ingredients on the market. We provide all kinds of flavour creation, flavour matching, testing and analytical services.

Our team of skilled chemists and flavourists are passionate about crafting unique and captivating flavours that will leave a lasting impression and tickle your taste buds. 

We can create unique and complex flavours for all kinds of projects:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Fragrance & Aromatherapy
  • E-Liquid Manufacture
  • and many more

So many flavours...

Request our 2023 catalogue now!

In our catalogue, you can check out our top 100 flavours, categorised into the most popular genres in the flavour industry, and a comprehensive summary of every service we offer under the Love Flavours roof!

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TPD & Compliance

On top of our flavours tasting amazing, we can ensure you that all our flavours are made and tested in our UK facility to comply with all relevant standards and regulations. All our flavours are made from food-grade and TPD-compliant ingredients ensuring they align with regulatory standards.

Our services

Analytical Services

At our new state of the art laboratory, we have used our expertise and knowledge of the flavour industry to bring together a list of services to fulfil all your needs!

Do your products need testing?

As well as every flavour that goes out the door, we offer a wide range of analytical services for all your flavour and product needs

Our specialists

The Flavour Experts

Meet our team of experienced and qualified scientists and flavour experts who are dedicated to helping our customers create and match the perfect flavours for their products.

We understand that flavour is essential to the success of many products, from food and beverages to fragrances and vaping products. That's why we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality flavours and the best possible customer service.


Need a little Flavour?

Our team of experts would love to help you find your perfect flavour. 

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